Online School of Inner Personality Guidance
The school is founded on an understanding of the structure and functioning of the human psyche, psychology, and insights gained via consciousness focusing, which includes a psychotechnology developed by Ksenia Kadi known as "Neochanneling." The scientific and metaphysical aspects within the courses complement each other, providing a broad view of problem-solving. The courses address questions of how to easily and comfortably cope with life's tasks, feel interest in what is happening, and establish a connection with it.
Although the foundation of learning comes from the information from Soul Guides and Teachers, many students confirm that rationality in their view of what is happening, and confidence in their own abilities, increases. The inner core becomes more active, and their life position becomes clearer and more stable.
The course instructors are professional psychologists and active or studying neochanneling practitioners. While the effectiveness of psychology has been proven, channeling is still a subject of debate. However, it is an established fact that working with the "stream of consciousness" - be it through automatic writing or any creative process - can release pent-up thoughts and relieve tension, promote balance, and facilitate a deeper understanding of the workings of one's own mind.
Our School is actively developing and currently offers four directions:
"The Crafted Pathway" has been released, "The Soul Guides" and "Expansion of the Student's Path" are being prepared for release.
Book Publishing
personal online meeting with a professional neochanneler.
Individual Sessions
created by Ksenia after more than 20 years of consulting and successfully teaching people this skill.
Cognitive Growth Course "Neochanneling"

combining lectures and assignments created by Ksenia with the support of Vladimir Skobelev.
Personal Growth Course "Student's Path"
- It could be argued that the value of channeling based information lies not in its source or method of acquisition, but in its intrinsic worth. Information that offers insight into the inner workings of processes, the underlying logic of situations, and one's true self is invaluable. Over time, a comprehensive picture of the world can be formed, which, without conflicting with other knowledge systems, helps foster a state of inner strength and harmony with the surrounding world.
- What is the secret of the effectiveness of communicating with your Soul Guide, the channeling, which can be learned, and the assignments of the "Student's Path"?

Guidance School, 2023